ISO 9001

What Does "ISO 9001" Service Include?

The ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management system for companies that would like to effectively manage the quality of their products and services through the application of best practice methods. It enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements & proves the existence of a system for managing quality that is based on plan do-check action cycle.

Certification against ISO 9001 demonstrates the company’s ability to supply products and services that comply with agreed specifications and meet customer’s expectations.

Certification against ISO 9001 brings following advantages for your company:

  • Better image of the company and an internationally recognized guarantee for a reliable cooperation;
  • Ensuring long term commitment of the certified organization through surveillance audits that are performed every year;
  • Possibility to participate in auctions, tenders and public procurement where in most cases this is a prerequisite;
  • Greater opportunity for entering foreign markets proving that you are a reliable business partner;
  • Better suppliers relations management;
  • Controlled quality procedures for the manufacturing of your products;
  • Improved management of the company and better performance;
  • clarity and transparency of the activities, duties and responsibilities of every employee of the company;
  • Improvement of existing activities;
  • Motivation and commitment of all employees and in-depth understanding of customer requirements.